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Here you get the inofficial PTS DOS FAQs (German, English), some downloads and the most important links.


4DOS is now Freeware. The favorite command.com-replacement by JPSoft is now available on JPSoft's Website.
More information: http://www.jpsoft.com

PhysTechSoft has released PTS DOS 32 in English language.
More information: http://www.phystechsoft.com/ptsdos/products.php?page=4

FAQ in German language (Apr. 25, 2004):

The most recent PTS DOS FAQ.

FAQ in English language (Jun. 9, 1996):

PTS DOS FAQ in English language. Unfortunatly, there has been no update since 1996.


to the download area. Here are some free files which are mentioned in the FAQ.

links to other sites:

other DOS-FAQs

PTS-DOS / distributors


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